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Welcome to The Science of Leadership Conference Registration Page!

Now, it is the lowest available price for limited Early Bird Registration slots at 69,000 AMD, which includes:

  • a keynote speech
  • three sessions of your choice
  • meals throughout the day
  • group activities, games, and networking
  • expo and guide tour in museum
  • transportation to and from the event venue
  • gala dinner


Registration for sessions is on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure your preferred selection, we recommend registering early to secure your spot and maximize your learning experience at the conference.

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The unspoken power: Body Language
for Effective Leadership in the age of AI

Language: English

After this keynote, you will never look at the world in the same way. Dive into the art of mastering nonverbal communication in an era of AI. Understand why developing emotional and nonverbal intelligence is more important than ever


Choose 3 sessions.

Make sure you choose 1 session from each time slot.



Sessions: Round 1
AI in coaching, Ally or enemy

Language: English

Explore this session to uncover how artificial intelligence is setting the stage for a paradigm shift in coaching practices. This session delves into the crucial question of whether AI will replace human coaches or emerge as a powerful tool that enhances their capabilities. Learn about the advancements where AI can significantly improve personalized learning experiences, provide data-driven insights, and refine feedback mechanisms. This exploration advocates for a synergistic approach, highlighting how AI could become an invaluable ally for human coaches, augmenting their effectiveness and enabling them to navigate the complexities of today’s professional environment with greater impact and efficiency.

The Human Advantage in the AI Times

Language: English

It is a hands-on session where people get to see how special humans are, even when AI is everywhere. We’ll look at things only humans can do, like understanding feelings, making tough choices, and coming up with new ideas. We’ll see how AI can support these skills, not replace them. This workshop is all about showing that AI can make us even better at what we do and that there’s a bright future where AI and people work together.

Participants will explore the unique strengths and capabilities that humans bring to the table in an increasingly automated world. This workshop is designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and tools to complement advancing technology with irreplaceable human skills.

Sessions: Round 2
Blending Leadership with AI:
Navigating the Future Together

Language: English

Explore how this session could redefine the essence of modern leadership. Delve into the possibilities where artificial intelligence could help improve decision-making, boost productivity, and encourage innovation within leadership practices. This session illuminates the potential of AI to not only enhance operational efficiency but also to ensure ethical and sustainable growth.

Neuroscience-Driven Leadership
in the Age of AI

Language: English

Dive on a journey to explore how technology has transformed human life throughout history, from the invention of fire to the advent of Artificial Intelligence. This workshop offers an insightful exploration of the psychological, social, and neurobiological impacts of technology and how leadership has evolved alongside it. Participants will engage in a theoretical presentation and group activities designed to deepen their understanding and reflect on the implications of these changes in their own leadership journey.
Sessions: Round 3
Uniting Motorsport Engineering
and AI for Peak Team Leadership

Language: English

Discover the dynamic intersection of motorsport science, tire engineering, and AI in the realm of team leadership. This workshop offers practical insights into leveraging the science of tire to optimize team performance and achieve organizational goals. Participants will learn how to apply principles from motorsport engineering to enhance decision-making, collaboration, and overall team effectiveness. Join us for a hands-on session that brings motorsport engineering and AI into the realm of leadership, driving real results for your team.

Language: English

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