Annual Regional Conference

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General Patners

Suriname Speaking Academy


Suriname Speaking Academy

EXPO partners

Golden Human Capital LTD
The Benefit
Suriname Speaking Academy
Lucky Carrot
Tutor Platform
Business School of Marketing & Innovations
Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance
360 stories
ITD World
Cascade People&Business
Armenian HR Association

Become a

If you want to promote your company, services or products worldwide, present yourself and attract new clients, became a partner and get:

• promotion of the company in the region
• opportunity to hold a 30-minute talk at the conference followed by a 30-minute Q&A session
• company logo in press releases as a Partner and additional company name recognition during media promotion
• 1-minute video about your company in the main LIVE-streaming screen
• includes LIVE HR Expo booth

Have your own Expo booth $105-$250

If your company has a product or service that is interesting for HRs, take this unique opportunity, join our Expo partners group and get:

• company profile set in the “Expo” page of the
event platform

• lead, traffic, interaction generation hold LIVE
interactive sessions in your booth

• in-booth offers for attendees and downloadable content

• presence of a representative of the company
• LIVE in the booth having conversations with the attendees

Media &

If you represent Media or are a Blogger who is interested in Human Resources events, do not miss your chance to join us for free.

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