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Nadia Ait


Body Language Expert & Behavior Analysist


Nadia Ait is the CEO and co-founder of Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro. The academy has students from more than 50 countries. She has trained people from a wide range of professions – from some of the world’s leading companies to police officers and intelligence services across the globe.



Keynote speech: The unspoken power: Body Language for Effective Leadership in the age of AI

Tarek Jomaa

United Kingdom

ROGUE Coach | Leadership, Communication & Change Consultant


Tarek Jomaa, Ph.D., brings a unique blend of leadership expertise to the table, spanning motorsport, engineering, higher education, and business coaching. He is highly sought-after as a consultant, mentor, and coach, specializing in raising awareness among leaders and challenging the status quo. Through his own coaching model ” ROGUE” and “5A leader” concept, Tarek enables leaders to become more self-aware and confident when leading with uncertainty. His commitment to sustainable leadership is evident in his role as co-founder of Synthosys as well, as executive roles at MELA and Furion motorcycles, where he leads initiatives to drive meaningful change.



Session: Uniting Motorsport Engineering and AI for Peak Team Leadership

Said Al Shanfari


CEO of Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre & GLP™


Mr. Said Salim Al-Shanfari, a seasoned professional, boasts over two decades of diverse expertise across industries such as tourism, telecommunications, and the MICE sector. His dynamic and optimistic nature, exceptional analytical abilities, and strategic thinking have fueled his career success. As the CEO of Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, his communication skills and passion for team empowerment shine. Beyond corporate success, Mr. Al-Shanfari is a sought-after keynote speaker, specializing in leadership, communication, and coaching. With the ICF ACC designation he is certified in Lego Serious Play, Theta Healing, and Hogan assessments, displaying his commitment to personal and professional development. With vast experience and dedication, Mr. Al-Shanfari is a prominent figure in training and development, leaving an indelible mark on individuals and businesses alike.

Session: Blending Leadership with AI: Navigating The Future Together

Vanessa Pozzali

United Kingdom

Counselling Psychologist & Dynamic Psychotherapist


Vanessa Pozzali is a visionary psychologist renowned for her innovative approach to helping teams overcome communication barriers and foster healthier dynamics. Specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy and group analysis, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work, particularly when it comes to trauma and emotions. Vanessa offers online and face-to-face therapy services in English and Italian to expatriates from all over the world. Her passion for applying psychological principles in organizations is evident in her role as co-founder of Synthosys, where she actively uses psychotherapy to innovate group coaching and foster cultural change. Her approach involves making teams aware of unconscious barriers to communication, enabling them to find their solutions and foster healthier team dynamics. Her contributions in this area go beyond organizational development, as she also offers personalized Leadership Wellbeing sessions for leaders.



Session: Neuroscience-Driven Leadership in the Age of AI

Ahmed Adel


Ahmed Adel is a seasoned Learning & Development (L&D) strategist with expertise in high-impact training programs, organizational development, and digital transformation. As a TED speaker and Learning Consultant, he drives educational innovation and proficiency. Ahmed currently leads L&D at _VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions), advancing corporate learning strategies and digital upskilling across multiple diverse geographies, including Ireland, Albania, Egypt, Hungary, India, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the UK. He is a renowned public speaker and AI learning expert, delivering captivating talks on personalized education and ethical considerations in AI-based education. Ahmed inspires audiences with his deep knowledge and ability to connect complex concepts with real-world examples, envisioning a future where AI enhances learning experiences and the future of work.

Session: The Human Advantage in AI Times

Mohamed Samir


PCC Coach, Managing Director of GLP™


Dr. Mohamed Samir is a distinguished professional who boasts an impressive career spanning more than two decades within the pharmaceutical industry. However, driven by a profound sense of purpose, Dr. Samir made a deliberate shift into the arena of training and Life Coaching. Dr. Samir’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of lives and igniting a sense of passion has propelled him to attain recognition as a prominent Keynote Speaker, ATD Master Trainer, and a Leading Expert in the fields of Life and Career Coaching and Learning. With the ICF PCC designation, he brings unparalleled insights and expertise to the Learning and Development (L&D) industry. Dr. Samir’s contributions transcend mere theory, as he stands as a co-author of the groundbreaking “Cocoon Book,” further solidifying his status as a preeminent thought leader in the field. Dr. Mohamed Samir’s unyielding dedication to personal and professional growth is exemplified by his impressive track record of over 2300 coaching hours and the facilitation of more than 50 online and offline workshops, spanning the Middle East and international arenas.



Session: AI in coaching, Ally or enemy!

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