My Identity Journey: Mapping the Path to Unleashing Leadership Potential – 13:30


“The Nature of Leadership” aims to bring together the most innovative and exciting alternative methods for leadership development from around the world.

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“My Identity Journey” will give you many insights about the process of continuous re-creation of yourself into something larger, better & different. Through the lenses of this model, self is viewed as a dynamic, multidimensional structure of multiple identities. These identities have different qualities and can be invoked individually or simultaneously in different situations; besides that, we can experience and describe them through our senses. Once evoked, individuals’ actions are directed (on conscious or unconscious level) at having oth­ers verify an identity or identities. At the same time, these identities act as filters of selective perception and interpretation.

The aim of this work is to help leaders build a useful map for self-discovery and create their own truth that will help them to achieve specific and measurable results.