10 ways to Work Smarter, not Harder!​ – 13:30


“The Nature of Leadership” aims to bring together the most innovative and exciting alternative methods for leadership development from around the world.

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Unpredictable waves of change, uncertainty and volatility are knocking people off balance. From geopolitical and financial challenges to the pressures of business targets, everyday issues, and innovation-driven projects, the workforce struggles to sustain high-level performance. Burnout rates have soared by a staggering 60%. But fear not, for there is a way to reignite their energy and unlock their full potential.

This engaging and informative masterclass will captivate the participants with its unique blend of information and entertainment. Through the masterclass the participants will embark on a transformative journey as they explore 10 practical and invigorating techniques to boost their brain energy, operate at their best, and unleash their true potential. Backed by the latest cutting-edge findings in neuroscience as the guiding compass, they will gain invaluable insights to optimize productivity, foster seamless collaboration, and ignite innovation. This empowering experience will allow the participants to equip themselves with the tools they need to rise above challenges, embrace leadership accountability, and achieve a harmonious work-life integration with their teams.

Learn practical techniques to maximize how your team Works, Leads, and Lives to boost their performance.