The Choreography of Leadership – 16:15


“The Nature of Leadership” aims to bring together the most innovative and exciting alternative methods for leadership development from around the world.

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Leadership extends beyond our thoughts and words; it resides within the very essence of our bodies, which communicate our unspoken messages.

This masterclass will delve into the profound impact of body movement on our presence and how it shapes how we are perceived as leaders – whether we convey sincerity, authenticity, courage, power, and inspiration. Join us on an illuminating exploration of body movement and effective leadership, unraveling the significance of our body codes and movements as vital components of our leadership identity, individuality, and communication. In this interactive and immersive experience, we will dive deep into the world of non-verbal communication, unlocking the transformative power of our bodies. In twos, in triads and in groups through dynamic exercises, interaction, and experiential dance movement therapy techniques, we will enhance self-expression, foster creativity, and unleash the full potential of powerful leadership within individuals and teams