Annual Regional Conference

Last Updated 01 June, 2023

These Terms and Conditions (the “T&C”) constitute a legal contract between Cascade Consultants CJSC (“Cascade”), which owns, operates, or controls without limitation (the “Site”) and you, the person or entity visiting, accessing, or using the Site (“Customer”). Cascade is the organizer of the event specified on the registration form (the “Event”). By visiting, accessing, or using the Site, the Customer acknowledge that the Customer has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by these T&C. If the Customer does not agree to these T&C, the Customer may not use the Site.

Cascade reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these T&C at any time. All changes will be posted on and, in such event, Cascade will update the “Last updated” date above. Please, be sure to review any changes made to these T&C by occasionally checking this page for updates.

Please understand that if you refuse to accept T&C, you will not be able to register in any of our Events.


Upon submission of completed online registration form, the Customer is considered ‘registered’ (pending payment, where applicable). Please note that by submitting the registration, the Customer agrees to these T&C without modification and the Customer enters into a binding contract with Cascade when purchasing a ticket to or registering for the Event (including if the Event is free of charge). 

If the Customer purchases a ticket to or registers for the Event on behalf of an entity, the Customer agrees to these T&C on behalf of that entity and its affiliates and the Customer represents that he/she has the authority to do so. In such case, “Customer” will also refer to that entity. If the Customer does not have such authority, or if the Customer does not agree to any portion of these T&C, please do not purchase a ticket to or register for the Event.


Cascade may collect data about the Customer by the Customer providing the data directly to it (for example by filling in forms on the Site, by sending us emails, or by registering for an event). Cascade may automatically collect certain data from the Customer as he/she uses the Site by using cookies and similar technologies. Refer to Clause 3 for more details about this. By providing any personal information to this website, the Customer fully understands and unambiguously consents to the collection and processing of such information in any country.

Cascade’s Web server collects the IP address, operating system and browser software used by its visitors. An IP address (which is different than an email address) can tell Cascade the user’s Internet service provider and based on that, can suggest the geographic location of the connection. Cascade also collects information about which pages they visit, the order in which they were visited, and which hyperlinks they click. This information helps us evaluate the effectiveness of various parts of the Site.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer’s hard drive to help track your usage of the Site. Cookies don’t include personal information about the Customer, but they are unique to each user, which allows Cascade computers distinguish between users and can save the Customer’s time when they return to a part of the site and repeat it activity. Cookies placed on the Customer’s computer by third parties by or through the Site, if any, are not the responsibility of Cascade and are not subject to these T&C. 

While Cascade at its Site does not require you to use cookies, keep in mind that certain services will not function properly if the Customer sets browser to refuse all cookies. To help serve the Customer better, the Site generally uses cookies to:

  • Identify return visitors. Cookies let Cascade remember the Customer’s web browser so it can provide personalized services. Cookies also allow Cascade to identify Site users, who are returning to the website.


This site or any portion of this site may not be, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose that is not expressly permitted by Cascade Consultants CJSC. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information are strictly prohibited.


It may be necessary to change the Event content and timing of the program, the speakers, the date, or the venue at any time prior to the Event. In that case, Cascade will notify the Customer and the Customer will be given the opportunity to cancel his/her registration, according to Clause 10. Should the Customer decide to cancel his/her registration for these grounds, Cascade is not responsible nor liable for any costs and/or expenses the Customer may incur due to the cancellation of his/her registration.


The English language version is the version that governs these T&C.


If the Event is not free of charge, the Customer undertakes to pay the relevant fees (all taxes included) as specified on the registration form if the Customer wishes to attend the Event. The fees shall be paid in accordance with the conditions set out on the registration form. In the absence of specific conditions on the registration form, the fees shall be paid in accordance with the payment terms as set out on the invoice, but in any case, before the beginning of the Event.


The Customer agrees and understands that his/her registration for the Event is subject to Cascade’s confirmation that will be sent to the Customer via email. Cascade is entitled to deny the Customer’s registration without cause.


Cascade may at any time, with giving notice, in its absolute discretion and without giving any reason, cancel the Customer’s registration and/or cancel or postpone the Event, change its venue or any of the other published particulars, or withdraw any invitation to attend. In case of cancellation of the Customer’s registration by Cascade and/or cancellation of the Event by Cascade, the paid Event fees (if any) will be reimbursed to the Customer in due time subject however to the provisions of Clause 15. Cascade will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as The Customer used for the initial transaction, unless the Customer has expressly agreed otherwise. In case of postponement of the Event, the paid Event fees (if any) will not be refunded by Cascade. Should the Event be postponed or cancelled, we are not responsible nor liable for any costs and/or expenses the Customer may incur due to the postponement and/or cancellation of the Event.


Cancellation is possible up to 30 (thirty) calendar days before the start of the Event with a full refund and without payment of any cancellation fees except for the credit card transaction fee. All cancellations must be sent by email to [email protected] and must be received by Cascade. For the avoidance of doubt, telephone cancellations are not accepted.

In case of cancellation at a later time, or in case of no show, all fees remain due. Cascade would however be pleased to accept a substitute participant without additional costs provided that The Customer abide by these T&C in respect of the substitute participant. Should The Customer decide to cancel his/her registration or withdraw, Cascade is not responsible nor liable for any costs and/or expenses the Customer may incur due to the cancellation of his/her registration.


The Customer is fully responsible for making his/her own travel and accommodations arrangements. It is recommended that the Customer checks his/her visa requirements with their local embassy or consulate.

Cascade will not be liable for any travel or accommodation formalities and/or expenses or if the Customer is unable to attend the Event due to a Force Majeure event or any event out of our control. Cascade recommends the Customer to subscribe appropriate insurance against cancellation as well as to have adequate health and accident insurance.


If the Customer needs any special assistance (e. g. in relation to a person who is blind/visually impaired or a person with a physical disability), please contact the event organizer in advance by email to arrange such assistance at the Event.
Where applicable, the Customer will be given the opportunity to mention any dietary requirement in the registration form.


By registering and/or by participating to the Event wherever physically or virtually via video conferencing or web conferencing platforms/tools, the Customer acknowledges that his/her personal data will be collected and processed by us in order to organize such Event and manage the participation, as further detailed in our Privacy Notice for Events, which the Customer acknowledges having read. Please note that the Customer’s data may be shared with the Event Partners.


By registering and/or by participating to the Event, the Customer acknowledges that certain sessions and/or social functions may be, photographed and/or filmed and/or web streamed and that some of these photos and video recordings can be used for the minutes of Event/meeting, news, promotional purposes, future marketing materials, illustration, information and dissemination activities via Cascade’s own websites, inclusion on Cascade’s social media pages, or News agencies which may process personal data according to their own policies. Participation in the Event (whether online or not), indicates the Customer’s consent to being included in the Event’s recording. Photos and recordings will be publicly available.


Cascade will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under these T&C that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (“Force Majeure event”) and in such circumstances Cascade may not reimburse any paid Event fees. A Force Majeure event means any event which is beyond our and/or your reasonable control, including but not limited to, Act of God, fire, flood, lightening, storm, earthquake or other climatic or meteorological catastrophes, failure or delay of common carrier or impairment or lack of adequate transportation facilities, accident or repair to machinery, act of sabotage including but not limited to piracy or hacking, embargo, government requirement or action including the imposition of sanctions by any country against Armenia or a country in which a party is registered or a country in which the Event is deemed to be staged, war, civil or military authority, terrorism and industrial dispute, strike or labor disturbance, regulatory change or change in law, or any event or circumstance which puts at risk or endangers the health, safety or security of our and/or your personnel, which prevents and/or affects the performance of these T&C and/or the staging of the Event, and could not have been prevented, avoided or remedied by the party affected by the Force Majeure event (i.e. the party not able to perform) taking reasonable precautions (“Force Majeure Event”). Performance under these T&C is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure event continues to affect performance. Cascade and/or the Customer will use our reasonable endeavors to bring the Force Majeure event to a close or to find a solution by which Cascade’s and/or the Customer’s obligations under these T&C may be performed despite the Force Majeure event.


Please note that individuals and organizations cannot exhibit or hand out marketing material or other printed matter during the Event, unless by seeking prior consent of Cascade. 

Individuals and organizations wishing to display such marketing materials may contact us at [email protected].


Cascade is dedicated to making the Event a safe place for all. 

The Customer shall not display any content, adopt a conduct, or incite any person to commit an act, which: 

  • is threatening, libelous, defamatory, or obscene;
  • would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate law in any manner;
  • infringes the intellectual property, privacy, or other rights of any third parties; or
  • constitutes or contains false or misleading statements.

The Customer consents also not to hack or use Cascade’s infrastructure for unethical, illegal or malicious activities. Cascade may at any time, with or without giving notice, in our absolute discretion, rescind the Customer’s registration or attendance at the Event in case of violation of these T&C without incurring any liabilities to the Customer and/or any third party. In such event, all paid Event fees will not be reimbursed, and all Event fees shall remain due.


The Customer is required to keep his/her personal belongings (including your computer and/or other devices) with him/herself at all times and Cascade accepts no liability for damage to, or loss of, personal belongings. Cascade does not accept any liability for any loss (including, without limitation, theft) occasioned on its premises and/or on any premises of any Event being staged at external venues save for any damages caused directly by Cascade’s negligence in which circumstances and, to the extent permitted by law, Cascade’s liability shall be limited to the Customer’s paid Event fees.

To the extent permitted by law, Cascade, and its affiliated companies as well as any video conferencing system provider of the Event and each of its and their respective officers, directors, and other partners and employees, shall not be liable under any circumstances, whether in contract, or otherwise, with respect to the damages suffered  in relation with the organization and/or your registration for and/or participation to the Event for: (a) any indirect, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of data, additional personnel costs or other intangible losses (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages), and/or (b) the cost of procurement of substitute services, and/or (c) any matters beyond our reasonable control, including Force Majeure event. The Customer hereby expressly waives all claims against any of the aforementioned organization and/or physical person for any of the aforementioned damages. 

The Customer understands and agrees that Cascade expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. By way of example, the Customer hereby expressly waives all claims against Cascade, against any and all of its affiliated companies as well as against any video conferencing system provider for the Event for any of the following, understanding and agreeing that no warranty is made herein that (a) the Event will meet the Customer’s requirements or expectations; (b) the Event will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, and/or error-free; and/or (c) the results that may be obtained from attending the Event will be accurate or reliable. 


These T&C constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the Customer and Cascade and they supersede all previous agreements, arrangements and understandings between the Customer and Cascade relating to the same subject matter. The Customer confirms that he/she has not relied upon any statement, representation or understanding that is not expressly set out in these T&C and that he/she shall have no remedy in respect of any statement, representation or understanding which is not expressly set out in these T&C.

The Customer may be required to register for and/or participate to the Event via third-party registration website and/or video conferencing or web conferencing platforms/tools. Cascade makes no representation or warranties and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever in relation to the content and/or the Customer’s use of any such third-party website and/or platforms/tools, and any contract and/or terms of use the Customer may have entered into and/or accepted with any such third party is strictly between the Customer and the relevant third party. 


The Customer agrees that these T&C will be exclusively governed by the laws of the Republic of Armenia, without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles. Any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of, connected with or relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or performance of these T&C and/or ulterior agreements that could arise therefrom, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Armenia as provided by law.